Science, Faith and Magic

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Science, Faith and Magic

As many of you may already be aware CERN, the largest particle physics lab is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This lab is well known for being the birthplace of the World Wide Web and more recently for their work using the Large Hadron Collider to study the Higgs Boson Particle initially theorized in 1964 and affectionately known by some (not including physicists) as the “God Particle”.

Although there are many extraordinary things surrounding this institute and the type of work they do, I would like to highlight just two today.

This complex institution comprised of building and miles of underground technology situated within miles of farmland has a 2 metre statue of the Hindu God Shiva which serves as a landmark. CERN received this statue from the Indian Government in 2004.

Fritjof Capra, a theoretical physicist and author of many books including the Tao of Physics commented on the significance of the gift.

“Modern physics has shown that the rhythm of creation and destruction is not only manifest in the turn of the seasons and in the birth and death of all living creatures, but is also the very essence of inorganic matter,” and that “For the modern physicists, then, Shiva’s dance is the dance of subatomic matter.”

I find it heartwarming that the gap between science and faith grows smaller each day and that with every scientific discovery, the existence of universal intelligence and- even dare I say miracles become more evident.

The second tidbit I wanted to highlight is that the building blocks of matter are being discovered every day with scientists devoting their lives to exploring sub-atomic matter.

At the foundation of this work is a principal called the “Observer Effect“. This theory states that the act of observation alters the behavior of what is being observed. In quantum physics terms electrons when observed will behave like waves or particles depending on the intent of the observer watching them.

More recent experiments have proved that not only does the scienceobserver affect the observed but that the greater the amount of “watching,” the greater the observer’s influence on what actually takes place. The power of observation can extend beyond the present, not only into the future, but also to alter the past.

On a larger scale, we have seen this effect in relationship to prayer and the significant effect it can have on individuals. Regardless of the specific religion of an individual, prayer can have a positive effect. In a sense, the person praying is “observing” a recovery and affecting the outcome through their intent.

Robert Lanza, a leading MD and Chief Scientific Officer in advanced cell technology writes in his book Biocentrism, that our physical universe would not exist without a consciousness in which it could be conceived, constructed, and come into existence.

Now, picture this:

A woman stands in her lab with all of her equipment close at hand. She is conducting an experiment where she will create a new healthy organ for someone in need using the pluripotent cells from his skin. Or a man clones an endangered specie from frozen skin cells of an animal that died 25 years prior. defines magic as: the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.

Now if that isn’t magic…what is?

As you can see-the miracles of science, faith and magic are woven into the fabric of our lives.

You have to believe to see.




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